Sunday, July 24, 2011

She Just Legitimately Has No Taste and Doesn't Give A Shit

It dawned on me the other day I needed to get off my lazy ass and recap my most recent adventures! I was off work for a week and did nothing but work at home, which is always pleasurable – NOT! My sister and I have decided that our mother either is color blind or just legitimately has no taste and doesn’t give a shit. She decided shortly after I moved out the first time to paint the guest room this shade of pink that looks like Pepto. Couple that with the horrible magenta paint on all of the wood trim and doors, and you are now sleeping in a room that looks like the inside of your stomach. Repainting was my first project to tackle and it took me two days and almost three gallons of paint. The kids love it though. Getting them to decide on two colors wasn’t as hard as I thought and only took two hour long visits to the paint department at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Its been three weeks and I finally got the paint out of my hair.
Following the painting, it was yard work, but not much because it was starting to get warm finally and I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. The PNW is having an unseasonably cold summer. And by unseasonably cold I mean that I still put on a sweatshirt in the morning and some afternoons and the new $50 sunglasses FFB bought me don’t get worn much. But I mowed and weed eated and got a new border around one flower bed before it was time for me to leave for the actual vacation portion of my vacation. I had a ticket to Montana to meet Frequent Flyer Boyfriend’s (FFB) parents on their 700 acre farm.
 700 acres is small by Montana’s standards, but this is probably the closest slice of heaven I’ve seen in a long time. The farm sits in a valley complete with a creek and according to FFB and his dad, Lewis and Clark “rested a spell” at some spot on the property. It was truly peaceful and gorgeous and I can’t wait to go back. When the song says “amber waves of grain” it was this country they were talking about. The day I got there it was raining and 50 ish in PNW, which isn’t surprising. After leaving drizzily SeaTac my flight arrived in Big Sky Country an hour and a half later and it was flipping 90. I was in heaven. FFB, his three boys, mom and neice picked me up and off to lunch we went. Then to the farm to pick up his pops and off on the Harley we go to Lewistown to meet his brother. Coming home I opted to ride in the truck with his parents and gave the bitch seat to one of the boys. Glad I did too because it was windier than hell. But, I got the lowdown on the local hunting and farming from FFB’s dad and just really got to know them better.  On Friday we rode 4-wheelers up the ridge to see Tee-Pee rings left by Native Americans a few hundred years ago. These tee-pee rings are rocks that sat at the bottom of the tee-pee to keep the bottom on the ground. It amazes me that a farm with two boys (now men) managed to hold onto that piece of history for so long with dirt bikes and 4-wheelers crashing through. But I think FFB’s mom would have taken a switch to their asses if they would have fucked them up. While up on the ridge, you could see the foothills of the Rockies and several other mountain ranges where FFB’s dad likes to hunt. FFB then took me around town and showed me some of the “hot spots” of the town he grew up in. The Missouri river runs through town and there’s all these waterfalls plus its surrounded by mountains. The whole place is beautiful. I could do country life for a spell, but I’d miss my stilettos and martini’s so I wouldn’t last long in Big Sky Country. 
Looking down at the farm. No, that's not all of it.
The balance of the month has been nothing but work. My boss took a well deserved (and I’m not kissing ass when I say that) vacay to Vegas. Since I’m really the only one in our group that’s been there long enough to make everyone believe I know what I’m doing, I had more traffic than I usually do. However, she’s home. I almost wept when I saw she’d posted something on Facebook yesterday.

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