Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slacking at Life

It just dawned on me that its been a long time since I've written and I think its because I'm a HUGE slacker. Right now I'm watching this deal on USA about John Cena and The Rock. OOOOOHHHHH so exciting. Actually. I'm bored. For the first time ever. And a little lonely. FFB and the boys are in Montana for a week. My kiddos are gone too. I'm sitting here with the dog spilling coffee in bed. No ones going to yell at me for it.

I've been slacking on getting mom and dad's house done. I gave up at a point when I realized that my mom had a different idea than I did. I also gave up when I realized that we couldn't afford a huge overhaul, but yet she wouldn't stop talking about it. So, I hired a housekeeper and that's about it. when it finally gets warm, if it ever does, I'll get the yard done.

I've been slacking on taking care of my mom. Sort of. Its bothering me that my dad just doesn't do anything. Mom asked him to fix dinner the other night because her back hurt too much and he make a huge deal over it. So, I told my mom that he needed to step up a bit and I was going to back off a bit. We'll see how it goes. She put a cardboard box in the oven while it was on the other day.

I got a speeding ticket the other day and I'm apathetic about it. I had written down in my calendar that Tyler's dance recital was at 7. It was at 3. We were a little late and I was speeding. I knew that if I didnt' make it so she could dance, I'd never hear the end of it from her dad. He already thinks I'm selfish.

Work makes me want to slack. I feel like I work my ass off and get nowhere. So I check out pinterest. And facebook. I'm just tired of beating my head against a wall.

I also feel like I'm starting to slack at my relationship with FFB. I am sooooo in love with him. But we're constantly surrounded by kids and responsibility. We rarely have a minute to talk to each other and are usually interrupted.  I've been hinting at wanting a ring, but everytime the subject comes up, he changes it so it makes me wonder what his plan is. I'm moving in this summer, but a part of me is of the mind that once I'm there, nothing will change. And that makes me not really want to work at it any more.

Anyway. I just am of a mind that I'm slacking at life right now. Not really sucking, just slacking.