Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its been a while since I checked in and its because shit's been busy yo.

Fire Marshall Bill for the most part is still trying to burn her house down. I discoverd she likes to put glue in the microwave so it flow's better. She likes to burn candles on their sides so they burn evenly. And then last night she wanted to get one of those huge propane heaters to put on her covered deck where the highest point is about 7 feet up. The scan she had last month came back negative, so it's just Chemo Brain. 

Thanksgiving was a blast. My sister and her family came up. We drank a TON of wine and forgot our troubles for a few days. I miss that bitch. Her and her hubby are going to fucking Tanzania in January. Just because. Africa. What a trip.

I started my third load of laundry just now. Today Tyler had two more teeth pulled and she has been freaking out hard core about the whole process. So this morning, she says good morning and that she's not gonig to the dentist, then leaves the room. Nick for his part chose today to come down with the stomach flu. So while I'm trying to get him cleaned up and situated, she's melting down. It took me about 1/2 hour to get her to take something that looks like the label said Hydrox something that makes her sleepy. We took her to a special pediatric dentist and after an hour there, they decide she's still to freaked out and lets SEDATE her. SEDATE like when you take the dog to the vet so his balls get wacked off. For his part, her dad did fine until she started getting the novocain shots. He'd had the same stomach flu Tyler had last week so today he was not only dehydrated but had no food in his stomach. He got up, took off down the hall and fainted. Good Christ. Paramedics came. They pulled her tooth and getting her out of sedation was tough. She cried most of the time.

Next week I'm on vacation. I get to go to San Francisco where it is above 40. Kids are staying home along with the laptop and FFB. Time to myself! YAY