Thursday, January 24, 2013

No. I'm not dead. Just incredibly busy!

Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I decided that now that I have time, I’ll start it up again. Here’s a quick snapshot of happenings since my last update:

·         FFB is now FFF. As in Frequent Flyer Fiancé. Yes friends, I got the ring I’ve been asking for. However, it was last April and we still haven’t set a date. The topic of Vegas came up a few weeks ago, but that was about it.

·         We are all under one roof. What a fiasco. Its chaotic at best. Now there really is no privacy. The only time I can get alone is the middle of the day when F3 is on the road and I go home for lunch. Even then the dog follows me around. When one gets sick, we all get sick. Kind of like the spread of the black plague in the 1800’s. However, there are more hands to do work around the house and the little ones seem to entertain each other.

·         I graduated college. Finally. God what a journey. I’m storing my diplomas in the bottom drawer of my night stand. I don’t know what else to do with them.

·         My mom died the day after Thanksgiving. We’re thinking her liver finally gave out considering Swiss cheese had less holes. I’ll do another post on this later. I’m still dealing.

·         Christmas was spent in Montana with my future in laws, all 5 kids, and my dad. We ate 9 lbs of bacon in one day. We all got the flu. It was 4 degrees. It was epic.

So my friends. I will now endeavor to update you more regularly on the funny happenings in our lives as they come.

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