Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whatever floats your boat, I say!

The below transpired in an email conversation between myself and a co-worker whom I like to refer to as my brother from another mother only because it makes him mad and relives a time when we had this annoying woman working for us that used to call him that. I think she had a crush on him because she was always calling him pookie and honey and staring at his ass. Or lack there of because the brother is nothing but a back and a crack. BTW, the pic below is NOT my friend TJ.

For the record, he’s married (to a woman) with 4 boys. And while both of us are straight, we have several people we know who lead an alternate lifestyle of some sort. Whatever floats your boat, I say!

TJ: Heeeyyy!

ME: Why on EARTH do you have this? Is this some weird African American male bonding thing?

TJ:  LMAO I just found it, I swear to sweet baby Jesus, all wrapped up in his blanket, I found it

ME: Right. Look. I know you have "friends" and I'm really OK with your lifestyle choice. That whole "I love you too no matter what, son." It doesn't define who you are. I think that you'll be a happier person if you just admit to yourself what most of us already know. 


ME: Apparently, you do too. Heeeyyyy!!

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